'Invader Zim' Comic Book Revival Teased

A comic book zine asks where Nickeolodeon's alien has been all this time.
Courtesy of Oni Press

The truth is out there — or, at least, it will be. Ahead of the launch of its Invader Zim comic book, reviving the Nickelodeon television series with creator Jhonen Vazquez in tow, Oni Press has announced the release of TruthShrieker, a zine that will explain all.

Featuring articles written by Zim character Dib (in reality Vazquez, along with creators Aaron Alexovich, Eric Trueheart and others), the "conspiracy-zine-style comic," as Oni describes it, will feature exposés on such topics as "Is This Bee Haunted?" "Ms. Bitters Has Always Existed?" and, of course, the all-important question "Where is Invader Zim?"

TruthShrieker will make its debut at this weekend's Denver Comic Con (May 23-25 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver), before being made available through Oni's online store. (Copies will also be available at July's San Diego Comic-Con, the publisher has confirmed.) The release acts as a prelude to the July 1 release of Invader Zim No. 1 in comic stores and digitally.

Vazquez took to Twitter to tease the imminent release, offering an exclusive look at the zine's cover, as can be seen below. Who wouldn't want to read "I Was a Mummy for the F.B.I.?"