'Iron Man 3': Watch the Top 5 Parodies (Video)

Iron Man 3 In the Snow - H 2013
<p>Iron Man 3 In the Snow - H 2013</p>   |   Marvel Entertainment
Tony Stark gets remade in cardboard, has his adventures narrated by a singing man and finds his job outsourced to Thai men.

Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) is undoubtedly the funniest superhero on the big screen. So it makes sense the Internet can make him even funnier. In honor Iron Man 3's U.S. release, find below five of the finest videos inspired by the Marvel Studios franchise.

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1. Tony goes Thai

Iron Man 3 received a special release in China with four extra minutes of Chinese-centric scenes. But why stop there? Some fans in Thailand had the idea of remaking the film's trailer with their own countrymen playing the lead parts. They get extra points for the bold casting choice of a man for Pepper Potts.

2. Homemade Iron Man

Tony Stark made an iron suit in a cave. These guys made a cardboard Iron Man suit in their home. Which is more impressive? OK -- the cave. Definitely the cave. But still watch.

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3. Literally the best trailer you will see all day

We're a sucker for these LITERAL trailers. They're sort of the only thing you can watch once, but totally worth a look if you like the idea of a man singing what he sees over this trailer.

4. What the suit isn't designed for.

Two young Iron Man proteges learn that the suit isn't quite anatomically correct. This one's not exactly family friendly, so be warned.

5. What'd you really think of Iron Man 2?

2010's Iron Man 2 has taken a lot of heat, with detractors calling it's plot unfocused and slamming it as little more than a two-hour commercial for The Avengers. All that and more is tackled in this Honest Trailer take on the film.