Is Bryan Singer Teasing A 'Days of Future Past' Spoiler on Twitter?

Should Nicholas Hoult be a little ... furrier in this image from this summer's "X-Men" installment?
Bryan Singer/Twitter

The latest image released from the set of X-Men: Days of Future Past doesn't just show Nicholas Hoult enjoying some primo 1970s fashions -- it also raises a question about what happens to his character during the course of this summer's mutant movie.

Bryan Singer shared the pic (above) via Twitter, with Hoult looking off-camera in front of a bank of period-appropriate screens and computer equipment. But why does Hoult look like Hoult? Should he be all blue and furry after the events of X-Men: First Class?

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Whether this image spoils some kind of de-evolution of the character during DOFP, hints at a flashback to pre-furry days or simply shows Hoult before multiple levels of CGI or makeup have transformed him into whatever we'll see onscreen in the finished movie remains to be seen, of course. Perhaps we should wait for his official movie portrait to appear via the official X-Men Twitter feed for an answer.