Is Crossbones in 'Captain America's' Future?

Will one of the bad guys in next year's "Captain America" sequel live to plot villainy another day? An interview teases a return engagement.
Marvel Studios

For those wishing that Frank Grillo's appearance as Brock Rumlow in next year's Captain America: The Winter Soldier could lead to bigger and better things -- or, at least, things that could mean a transformation into Rumlow's comic book alter ego, the thuggish Crossbones -- a recent interview may offer reasons to feel hopeful.

Talking to Crave Online, Grillo describes next year's second solo Cap movie as "an origin film." adding that viewers "meet people who are going to be around for a while, so they introduce the characters." Obviously, that may refer to the movie's titular antagonist as well as Anthony Mackie's Falcon, but given Rumlow's significant role in the comic book storyline that gives the new movie its name, it's likely that Grillo may be talking about his own character as well.

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Adding some credence to that theory is Grillo's response to the comment that Marvel may have plans for his character in "the movies" (note the plural). "They do, actually," he said. "We'll see what happens. We'll see if the fans respond to Brock and how it goes."

That possible future is unlikely to include a trip to ABC's Agents of SHIELD series, however. "At this point in my career, it's something that I'm not really interested in doing," he said about an appearance on the television series. "Not that I don't want to do it, but it doesn't get me going anymore to do something like that."

All of this gets me wondering: There's been no announcement of a movie version of Sin yet, has there? Maybe for the third installment …