Is 'Episode VII' Due Winter 2015?

A Disney exec accidentally tweets information about when to expect the next "Star Wars" film, then backtracks when people notice.

Rumors about a later release date than usual for Star Wars Episode VII seemed to receive an unexpected boost yesterday when a Disney exec accidentally gave a little bit more information out via Twitter than he'd perhaps intended.

Dennis Barbie, the director of retail for Disney in the Netherlands, sent a tweet yesterday that read, "Saw today some awesome first features/plans of new Star Wars 7 movie coming end 2015," followed by another stating that "at this moment [release] is planned for end of CY15 but in the entertainment business you will never know. Might be some changes there."

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Both tweets were deleted after being picked up by fan sites, with Barbie then attempting to backtrack via a message stating, "OMG didn't think my post would be picked up like this. Was just guessing period I have no real info on Star Wars."

The release date for Star Wars: Episode VII is yet to be announced by Disney, but all previous installments were released during the month of May, leading many to assume the same would be true for J.J. Abrams' debut with the franchise, despite the already crowded summer 2015 calendar. Last week, The Hollywood Reporter disclosed that producers hoped to push the release of Episode VII to 2016 but were being held to the 2015 date by Disney CEO Robert Iger.