Is Hulk Stronger Than Superman? (Video)

Can Marvel's Jade Giant smash DC's Man of Steel? A series of fan videos presents a convincing case that, no matter who would win, a fight between Superman and the Hulk could be a very violent, fun confrontation.
Mike Habjan

It's a question well-known to comic book fans: Who would win in a fight between Superman and the Hulk? Animator Mike Habjan has attempted to provide an answer, with a series of CGI-animated short videos that draw on both characters' cinematic histories.

Habjan, who describes the videos as "an independent project … not affiliated with any company," has been working on Superman vs. Hulk -- The Fight for more than a year, creating a rumble that pits a Superman resembling Christopher Reeve against a Hulk that is fond of smashing enemies against the ground, a la his signature Loki move from Marvel's The Avengers.

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The fight isn't over yet -- fittingly, as clashes of titans should really be reasonably lengthy -- with Habjan writing on the YouTube description for the just-uploaded Part 3 that he has ideas how to improve the quality for the next installment. However, he admits, "I'm sick of working on it and wanted it to be done last year. … This was a lot of work."

Watch the fight so far, below. You'll believe an interstudio crossover could happen (well, perhaps).