iStockphoto Founder to Write 'Lost City of Heracleon' Graphic Novel

Lost City of Heracleon_Promo - Publicity - H 2019
Mike Wilcox/Boom! Studios
Bruce Livingstone comes to comics with this new project about two boys trying to save the universe.

The man behind stock photography vendors iStockphoto and Stocksy United is coming to comics, writing a brand-new graphic novel for Boom! Studios.

Bruce Livingstone, the Canadian entrepreneur and former CEO of both iStockphoto and Saatchi Art, will write The Lost City of Heracleon, a fantasy graphic novel illustrated by Mike Willcox and to be released next summer. The book will center around two young boys, Lou and Shiro, who find themselves piloting an inter-dimensional submarine on a mission to save reality itself, according to the publisher.

In a statement, Livingstone described the title as “a beautifully hand-illustrated and thrilling story about two best friends who master their fears and enter into an epic adventure,” adding, “Slipping through dimensions, they battle mythical monsters and seek ... ancient Gods who don’t quite measure up to their reputations. In the process they find their courage and their long-lost father.”

Editor Matthew Levine said that title was intended “for fans of swashbuckling action and epic myths” and promises, “Bruce and Mike have managed to take all the elements of your classic Golden Age adventures and turn them into a thrilling escape into another world — one full of danger, excitement, and long lost legends.”

The title is set to be released in June 2020.