J. Jonah Jameson Returns in 'Daily Bugle' Promo for 'Spider-Man: Far From Home'

J.K. Simmons gets his rant on in the new short video.

He was one of the best things about Spider-Man: Far From Home, and now J.K. Simmons is back as perpetually angry editor J. Jonah Jameson as part of a new promotional effort for the digital and Blu-ray release of the film.

The short video repositions J. Jonah Jameson as an InfoWars-esque video host ranting about the fact that Spider-Man isn’t a hero, but instead “a psychopath wielding powers he has no right to possess” — admittedly familiar subject matter in a somewhat unfamiliar setting, although it mirrors to an extent JJJ’s current comic book status quo where he’s a radio pundit with an outraged opinion on the topic of the day.

Throughout Spider-Man’s history, Jameson has been a public figure — he’s been the Daily Bugle’s editor and, later, publisher, as well as the mayor of New York City — who has built his reputation on declaring that Spider-Man is an untrustworthy menace to the good folk around him, despite mounting evidence to the contrary. To that end, Jameson has occasionally helped the careers of a number of Spider-Man’s foes in the hopes of “exposing” him, although his own tradition of being equally menacing has, unsurprisingly, passed him by. The character debuted in 1963’s The Amazing Spider-Man No. 1, created by Spider-Man co-creators Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

The video is part of a wider Daily Bugle site set up to promote the home release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, with other stories referencing the movie in a number of ways, including whether or not the “Night Monkey” is a hero or menace. Some things, it seems, are constants no matter what costume Peter Parker wears to save the day.