Jackbox Games Unveils Party Pack With Enhanced Remote Play Features

Champ'd Up' Jackbox Games
Jackbox Games
Among the new titles is 'Quiplash 3,' the third installment in the battle of wits and quips.

Jackbox Games, the Chicago-based company that has taken off during the pandemic with its party packs that translate to remote play, has unveiled its latest offering of five games.

To make it easier for people to play through Zoom, Google Hangouts and Steam's remote play function, or to stream online through Twitch, Jackbox has brought back the extended timer menu option to make up for potential lags in internet connections and allow more time for players to complete their answers.

The party pack also includes a profanity filter, which rejects hateful speech and allows corporations or other groups to host family-friendly games by filtering out inappropriate words.

Among the titles in the pack is Quiplash 3, the third installment of the popular franchise that sees players battling their wits and quips and coming up with answers to prompts like "the worst theme for a pinball machine."

New games in the pack include The Devils and the Details, where players become devils who have just moved from the underworld to a suburban neighborhood and have to try and fit in by completing human chores. In drawing and fighting game Champ'd Up, players create characters who will battle one another in order to win unusual titles, like Champion of Cowards.

Rounding out the pack is public speaking game Talking Points, where players have to respond to picture slides they've never seen before and cobble together something coherent; and pop culture guessing game Blather Round, where people are tasked with describing prompts with a limited vocabulary while others guess.

Jackbox utilizes mobile phones as controllers, allowing groups to view games through video conferencing screen sharing software. As a result, it saw a spike in traffic during the early days of the pandemic, when cities and states began to encourage people to stay home.

Jackbox Party Pack 7 is available for $29.99 on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and many other game platforms. For resources on how to play remotely, visit Jackbox's support page.

View the party pack trailer below.