'Casino Royale' Getting Comic Book Adaptation as Dynamite Entertainment Expands 'James Bond' Line

James Bond-Dynamite Entertainment-H 2016
Courtesy of Rian Hughes/Dynamite Entertainment
Dynamite also announced it is licensing original Bond material internationally.

His future in movies may be up in the air, but Britain's finest secret agent continues his career in comic books. Ahead of next week's San Diego Comic-Con, Dynamite Entertainment has announced that it will be expanding its James Bond line beyond the original Warren Ellis-written series with adaptations of Ian Fleming's original novels.

The adaptations will start, unsurprisingly, with Casino Royale in November. Fleming's first Bond novel will be adapted by former Flash and Green Lantern Corps writer Van Jensen, with art by Matthew Southworth.

"When we first announced Warren Ellis' breakout original James Bond series, we teased that this would only be the beginning of our relationship with the character and the Fleming family, who have been very generous," Dynamite CEO and publisher Nick Barrucci said in a statement about the news. "To announce that we have been granted the rights to adapt the original presentation of 007? It's incredibly rewarding, as it's the treasured story that any publisher would wish to add to their library. We have been very fortunate to be granted the rights to do so."

The adaptation is just one of two Bond-related announcements from Dynamite, which also revealed that it has licensed its original Bond material internationally, with European publishers Delcourt, Panini and Splitter signing on to publish the James Bond: VARGR title in France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Russia, Germany and multiple Eastern European territories.

The English-language collection of VARGR, written by Warren Ellis with art by Jason Masters, was released earlier this month.