'James Bond' Comic Book Relaunch Sets New Creative Team

James Bond-Dynamite Entertainment-H 2016
Courtesy of Rian Hughes/Dynamite Entertainment
Vita Ayala and Danny Lore, both nonbinary creators of color, are taking charge of a character almost infamously representative of white, straight male privilege.

Announced ahead of San Diego Comic-Con, Dynamite Entertainment will relaunch its James Bond comic book property at the end of this year as an ongoing series with an all-new creative team.

The new series, titled simply James Bond, was announced via a “redacted” press release by Dynamite on Tuesday morning, as can be seen below. The creative team will be Vita Ayala and Danny Lore as writers, with Eric Gapstur on interior art and Justice League artist Jim Cheung on covers.

Ayala is a known quantity as a writer for comic fans, having worked on both Marvel and DC; they’re known for their creator-owned series The Wilds, as well as Black (AF) and the Valiant Entertainment series Livewire. Lore, meanwhile, has just launched their first creator-owned title with Vault Comics’ Queen of Bad Dreams, and has worked as an editor and in speculative prose fiction. Notably, both are nonbinary creators of color, being placed in charge of a character almost infamously representative of white, straight male privilege.

Dynamite initially launched in 2015 with Warren Ellis and Jason Masters as the creative team; notably, the logo on initial releases emphasized the “007” classification for Bond. With everything bar the creative team of the new series under wraps, it’s unclear whether or not the absence of the code name in the new series has anything to do with reports that Captain Marvel actor Lashana Lynch will play the new, non-Bond 007 in the next movie of the series.

James Bond will launch in December. Expect more details about the series to be released in the coming months.