'James Bond' to Spin Off 'Felix Leiter' Comic Book Miniseries in 2017

Felix Leiter Cover - Dynamite Entertainment - Publicity -  P 2016
Courtesy of Mike Perkins/Dynamite Entertainment
Bond's American counterpart will star in his own solo adventure starting in January.

He's been helping out for decades, but now, finally, it's time for 007's occasional American sidekick to shine in the newly announced James Bond: Felix Leiter comic book series.

The character, originally introduced in Ian Fleming's 1953 novel Casino Royale as a CIA operative, would go on to appear in both novels and Bond movies across subsequent decades. (He has most recently been played by Jeffrey Wright in the Daniel Craig movies.) The new comic book series parallels the development of the character in prose, with Leiter no longer working for the CIA — in the books, he went into reserve status after losing his hand and leg in the course of duty — and working as an independent contractor.

In the upcoming miniseries, Leiter will find himself in Japan, embroiled in deadly plots once again after running across a beautiful Russian spy from his past.

According to writer James Robinson, Leiter "combines the best elements of the James Bond universe with the dark alleys and darker deeds of crime fiction. A private detective, done with a life of spying, who is constantly dragged back into that world, like it or not. I'm excited for readers to see the tale of intrigue and big action that I've dreamed up for Felix."

Illustrated by Aaron Campbell, Dynamite Entertainment's James Bond: Felix Leiter will launch digitally and in comic book stores in January 2017.