James Bond Taking on Russia in 'Solstice' Comic Book

The one-off issue will be released in November.
Courtesy of Ibrahim Moustafa/Dynamite Entertainment

While the cinematic James Bond prepares for news of a new mission, the comic book version of the beloved spy is traveling to Paris to deal with troublesome Russian influence in international affairs.

That's the plot behind James Bond: Solstice, an upcoming 30-page one-shot from Dynamite Entertainment, written and drawn by High Crimes and Savage Things creator Ibrahim Moustafa.

"I have a deep love of the character and his sense of duty within his world of smoky card rooms, tailored suits, refined tastes and eccentric villains," Moustafa said in a statement from the publisher. "Like most, my affinity for the gentleman spy began with the film franchise, but the original literary version of Bond would eventually become my favorite iteration of the character. I was absolutely thrilled when Dynamite launched their James Bond series depicting Fleming's Bond in a modern context, and the opportunity to tell a story within that setting is quite literally a dream come true for me."

The one-off issue follows a number of Bond projects from the publisher, which debuted its version of the character in November 2015 with the Warren Ellis-written James Bond: VARGR. Since then, the character has appeared in a number of miniseries and one-shots, with both CIA agent Felix Leiter and trusted confidant and secretary Moneypenny receiving their own comic book spinoffs.

James Bond: Solstice
will be released Nov. 22 in comic book stores and digitally.