James Corden as 'It' Is Scary Funny

Pennywise's red balloon also makes an appearance in the 'Late Late Show' skit, revealing why it shouldn't be popped.

James Corden can really pull off a scary, but somehow charming and goofy, killer clown. 

The Late Late Show host starred in a skit on Wednesday's episode as Pennywise, the murderous villain in the recently released horror film It, based on the classic Stephen King novel. 

The premise of the skit is that an office employee calls the I.T. department when he has computer issues. Through confusion, Corden shows up as Pennywise and scares the man, but then after a while wants to make sure the computer is fixed. 

The skit has some great gags, even a fun one with the Pennywise red balloon, revealing why it shouldn't be popped. 

In the end, someone from the I.T. department does show up, which leads to another fun horror-movie bit.