James Gunn, Max Landis Join Grant Morrison for MorrisonCon (Exclusive)

The two will talk movies on the panel "Celluloid Heroes: Comics’ Love Affair With Hollywood."

Director James Gunn and Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis have been added to the line-up of MorrisonCon, the convention centered around iconic comic book writer Grant Morrison.

The confab, which runs Sept 28 to 30 at the hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, sees Morrison curate a convention that hopes to elevate and distinguish itself from run-of-the-mill comic conventions into something akin to a personal journey of discovery.

Gunn and Landis will join Morrison for the panel Celluloid Heroes: Comics’ Love Affair With Hollywood. As the programming states, the trio will "explore the history of this love affair and the controversial links between the sister industries" and will tackle the question of "how the narrative form must be reinvented for the four-color page and for the silver screen."

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Gunn and Landis, while not Hollywood veterans, have insights into the intersection of Hollywood and comics. Gunn is a genre nut who directed the superhero-themed Super and was just chosen to helm Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Landis, the son of director John Landis, not only wrote this year’s super-power-themed hit Chronicle, he made the funny and insightful short The Death and Return of Superman, dissecting DC Comics’ early 1990s storyline killing off the Man of Steel.

Among the panelists/special guests previously announced are My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, comics writers Jonathan Hickman and Jason Aaron, artists Jim Lee, Frank Quitely, J.H. Williams III and Chris Burnham.