Jamie Lee Curtis Cosplay Steals the Show at 'Warcraft' Premiere

Jamie Lee Curtis Warcraft Premiere Getty H 2016
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage
Curtis knows her stuff, dressing as an orc and dropping a Leeroy Jenkins for the hardcore fanbase.

Let it never be said that Jamie Lee Curtis is afraid to share her own fandom.

A longtime fan of the World of Warcraft, she showed up to the premiere of Duncan Jones' movie adaptation dressed as an orc from the video game franchise — and confused non-fans with a peculiar war cry shared on Twitter.

Despite not appearing in the movie, Curtis became one of the most-talked-about things about the Los Angeles premiere when she and her son, Thomas Guest, appeared on the red carpet in full cosplay, including green skin and weaponry, as an orc shaman and warrior, respectively. (She helpfully identified their outfits on Twitter.)

Impressively, this isn't the first time Curtis has cosplayed as a World of Warcraft character; last year, she went undercover to Blizzcon, the annual event created by WoW studio Blizzard, dressed as one of the game's Forsaken.

Talking to ET Online, Curtis said that her son was the Warcraft player, while she described herself as a "supporter" — but apparently one familiar enough to know the importance of Leeroy Jenkins: