Jason Sudeikis Forgot He Punched Baby Yoda — Then Twitter Had a Meltdown

Baby Yoda. Inset: Jason Sudeikis
<p>Baby Yoda. Inset: Jason Sudeikis</p>   |   Disney+; Inset: VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images
The 'SNL' veteran was playing video games one morning with his son when wife Olivia Wilde told him he was trending.

It was something of a rude awakening for Jason Sudeikis when his episode of The Mandalorian aired last fall. Visiting with Conan O'Brien, the actor and comedian said he forgot that his character hit The Child, aka Baby Yoda, when he shot his episode as a Stormtrooper months prior. When it aired, Twitter had a meltdown.

"The craziest thing is I did that thing months earlier ... then it went away, and I did 100 other things," the Saturday Night Live veteran explained, adding he was playing video games one morning with his son when wife Olivia Wilde walked in the room.

"She goes, 'Hey, you're trending on Twitter.' Immediately I was like, 'Wait, why?' In today's age, it's like, 'Did I die? Am I canceled? What happened?'" Sudeikis told O'Brien. "And it was that I was being canceled in real-time. 'You hit Baby Yoda!'"

He continued, "And I had that moment, like at the end of Sixth Sense and, I was like, 'Oh, right!' I should have been able to anticipate two and a half months earlier when Baby Yoda became the belle of the ball on the internet. I totally forgot, yeah, I backhanded this little icon."

Watch the full segment below.