One Outtake of Robert Shaw's Death in 'Jaws' Was Even More Graphic

Jaws - Photofest - H 2017
<p><em>Jaws </em>(1975)</p>   |   Universal Pictures/Photofest
The moment was so over-the-top, the crew started laughing when cut was called.

Forget a bigger boat, we're gonna need more towels. 

The late Robert Shaw played one of his most memorable characters, Quint, in the 1975 blockbuster Jaws

The character was as charming as he was obnoxious and off-putting, which made Quint's grisly demise one of the more emotional moments in the Steven Spielberg classic. 

The scene was graphic — especially for a PG film — but Shaw had one take that was even more bloody. 

In the film, after the enormous Great While shark sinks its teeth into Quint's midsection, some blood comes out of the character's mouth as he lets out a scream. 

In one take, it seems there was far too much fake blood in Shaw's mouth and he ended up covering his face when he spit it up. 

The moment was so over-the-top, Spielberg and some crew members can be heard laughing when cut is called. 

Shaw, who received Oscar and Golden Globe nominations during his career, died 39 years ago Monday after suffering a heart attack.

The outtake from Jaws, among some other entertaining moments, is at the one-minute mark in the video below.

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