Jeff Bridges to Illustrate Children's Book Written by His Daughter (Exclusive)

Daddy Daughter Day Announce - Publicity - H 2020
Jeff Bridges/Dark Horse Comics
Dark Horse Comics' 'Daddy Daughter Day' is penned by Isabelle Bridges-Boesch.

Daddy Daughter Day, a new children’s book due in October from Dark Horse Comics, introduces a new writer/artist team to publishing — even if one of them is a very familiar face elsewhere. The book is written by Isabelle Bridges-Boesch and illustrated by her father, actor Jeff Bridges.

The 56-page book tells a simple story from Bridges-Boesch’s youth, where the young Belle declares that one day is “Daddy Daughter Day,” a new celebration that her family is eager to take part in.

“When your kids are young, you can say, ‘Hey, let’s play pretend, or play a game.’ When they’ve become adults, spending time together is often challenging. Everyone’s busy with their lives, with careers, with work,” said Jeff Bridges in a statement about the project. “Daddy Daughter Day gave my dear daughter Isabelle and I a reason to spend time together and have an adventure.”

“This book has been inside of me for years. When I finally shared the idea with my dad, he was instantly supportive and agreed to do the illustrations,” Bridges-Boesch added. “I am so excited to share this book with anyone who wants to have a peek into what it was like to grow up being my dad’s daughter, as well as anyone who is curious about creating their own Daddy Daughter Day (or Mommy Son Day, Sister Brother Day…).”

The book adds another string to Bridges’ already full bow, adding “children’s book illustrator” to a resume that includes actor, author, philanthropist and photographer.

Daddy Daughter Day will be released Oct. 6, and is currently available for pre-order.