Jeff Goldblum 'Jurassic Park' Laugh Remix Is Equal Parts Bizarre and Amazing

Jeff Goldblum Jurassic Park - Photofest - H 2017
Universal Pictures/Photofest
"It tickles me," the actor once said of the fan-made work.

Jeff Goldblum is nearly as enjoyable to watch in Jurassic Park as the dinosaurs. 

When the film came out in 1993, audiences were drawn to his eccentric, mathematician "Chaos Theory" character, Dr. Ian Malcolm. 

Goldblum has his own devoted fan following for the unique characters he has played through his career. But Malcolm stands out, so much so that fans have made Malcolm art — and someone even made a remix of his laugh from when the character is introduced in Jurassic Park

Since it was posted in 2014, the fan-made video has accumulated nearly 3 million views. It is as bizarre as it is amazing. 

Goldblum has previously said he was aware of the remix and got a kick out of it. 

"I know, I've heard them. It tickles me. [The laugh] just happened spontaneously in the moment," he said during a reddit AMA

Goldblum is once again reprising the character for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, due out next summer. The first trailer for the Chris Pratt-starrer dropped Thursday night. 

Listen to the laugh remix below: