'Jelly Vampire' Is Filled With Unicorns, Joy And "Sprell" (Exclusive Trailer)

Summer is over, sadly, leaving thoughts to turn to leaves changing color, drinks with pumpkin spice and … sprell?

For those unfamiliar with the term, "sprell" is a Norwegian word that loosely translates as "prank," or practical joke. It's also the guiding principle behind Jelly Vampire, the comic strip from Norwegian cartoonist Ida Eva Neverdahl, a collection of which is now being crowdfunded by publisher Emet Comics. As part of the Kickstarter campaign, Emet has released a Jelly Vampire trailer, which The Hollywood Reporter exclusively debuts above.

Jelly Vampire is a comic about Lulu Lulusen, a young girl who loves jelly," Neverdahl — whose work regularly appears in Vice magazine — told THR about the collection. "The only constant thing in her life is that nothing is. One day she's a kid battling bullies in the schoolyard, the next she's abducted by aliens and gets her head put on the body of a pair of Siamese tiger twins. Nothing is too weird, or challenging to Lulu. With the ancient Viking philosophy of Sprell in her heart, any obstacle is a new adventure to this peculiar little girl.”

The new collection of Neverdahl's work — its first English publication — is the latest project of Emet Comics, a Los Angeles-based publisher created to bring more diversity into the comics industry.

“I spent eight years working at the biggest talent agencies and production companies, and I saw firsthand how difficult it was to get female writers and directors working," Emet Comics publisher and CEO Maytal Gilboa explained. "I realized that I needed to figure out how I could champion women in a different way. Publishing is a wonderful way to do that, and the advent of crowdfunding and direct marketing has made it possible for us to do things we never would have been able to accomplish this quickly in other mediums."

The Jelly Vampire Kickstarter runs until Oct. 17. More information can be found here.