Jennifer Lawrence Tries to Explain What 'Hunger Games' is About

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Not everyone’s well-versed in The Hunger Games universe.

Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence recently appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman — and surprise, the young actress had to explain exactly what the movie/books were about.

Letterman asked Lawrence — who graces the cover of Entertainment Weekly as heroine Katniss -- if Hunger Games was a “vampire deal” a la Twilight and The Vampire Diaries.

Lawrence explained that it was nothing like it, saying that “it’s a very violent, futuristic movie where kids are randomly selected from their home districts to fight in an arena to the death.”

“But we don’t drink blood. That’s sick,” added Lawrence, also starring in the upcoming X-Men: First Class.

“So it’s lighter fare,” Letterman joked.

With filming just about to begin (finally) after weeks of casting announcements and speculation, fans of Suzanne Collins’ novels are going to have to wait just a little bit longer for the big-screen adaptation, slated for a March 23, 2012 release.

Lawrence said recently that the scene she most wanted to film came from the second book in the trilogy, Catching Fire: [spoiler alert] "When she finds out that she has to go back [into the Hunger Games] and she runs in and has a complete meltdown -- I remember reading that and being like, 'I want to act that!' "

But being that the novels are rather graphic and grim -- since children and teenagers are pit against each other to fight/kill for their lives -- one has to wonder how everyone involved will pull it off.