Director of Hot Sci-Fi Short 'Rosa' Signs With Verve (Exclusive)

Jesus Orellana, the director behind the hot sci-fi short film Rosa, has signed with talent agency Verve for representation.

Orellana’s Rosa, an almost 10-minute post-apocalyptic short, hit the Web in early November, getting traction on geek and tech sites such as Wired before garnering mainstream attention from outlets such as THR's Heat Vision and USA Today.

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It didn’t take long for Hollywood to come a-calling. Both agencies and studios wanted Orellana, who works in Spain’s comic industry but has aspirations to be a director. He made the short with zero budget and with the intent on showing those in power what he can do. His vision is for a live-action feature that would build on the short's characters and storyline.

Orellana is in Los Angeles this week meeting with producers and studios. He continues to be managed by Scott Glassgold and Raymond Brothers of IAM Entertainment.

Here’s that short: