J.H. Williams III Teases Abandoned 'Batwoman' Plans

"We knew how we were going to wrap things ... in a satisfying manner," explains the former writer-artist of the DC Comics series.
JH Williams/DC Entertainment

This week sees the release of Batwoman #24, the final issue in the series from the writing team of W. Haden Blackman and J.H. Williams III -- although not the final issue as they had originally intended it. Both Blackman and Williams had originally intended #26 to be their last, bringing an end to the various storylines they'd been crafting for the last two years.

"Issue 24 was already written and being drawn by the time fallout came from our decision to leave the title. There had already been an issue 25 written by us and turned in, but at this point I don’t think this will ever be published," Williams wrote on his blog yesterday. "Issue 26 was to be the final chapter of the arc and is left unwritten by us currently. So DC isn’t publishing the end of the arc. Or at least not in any way we intended. If there is ever an offering of a conclusion to the last seven months of storytelling, it most likely will be by the hands of others, and we have no idea how exactly that direction will proceed."

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He went on, "What saddens me about it is that our issue 26, two months from now, would have ended in a place that would serve as an adequate end cap to our run in a lot of ways. We knew how we were going to wrap things by issue 26, and felt we would have done so in a satisfying manner, or so we hoped."

Amongst the many resolutions and developments teased were revelations about the connection between Department of Extranormal Operations Director Bones and Batwoman's alter ego Kate Kane, some hints about how Kate's sister Beth became her arch-nemesis Alice and events that would "bring the entire family to some form of beginning to heal." According to Williams, "we would’ve been able to end our run at a good spot for the next creative team. But that must only be happening in some parallel world."

Marc Andreyko takes over as the new writer on the series with November's #25.