Jim Starlin Teases New 2014 'Thanos' Project From Marvel

Next year, the veteran creator returns to the character he invented four decades ago in Marvel's "Iron Man" No. 53.
Jim Starlin/Marvel Entertainment

Just in time for the character to become a lot more recognizable to the general public, if rumors of an appearance in next year's Guardians of the Galaxy turn out to be true, Jim Starlin is teasing a return to his most famous comic book creation in 2014, posting a (barely) disguised image of Thanos on his Facebook page.

The image -- which is clearly the cosmic villain he created for 1973's Iron Man No. 53, even with the whited-out face -- was posted to Starlin's Facebook page Monday evening, accompanied by the caption "Just finished the last page of a 100 page story I've written and pencilled for Marvel Comics. But at this time I can't say what exactly the project is. Details will be released when I can release them. Look for it next summer!"

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This mystery project will mark Starlin's first work for Marvel since the sixth issue of Marvel's monthly Thanos series in 2004. In recent years, he has predominantly been working for Marvel's main competition, DC Comics, with projects such as Death of the New Gods, Strange Adventures and the current Stormwatch series.

The new project apparently came about following Starlin's complaints last year about being left out of the loop in regards to his creation's appearance in The Avengers. Following those comments, Starlin revealed that he had been approached by Marvel and "things [were] doing much better." Better enough, it seems, to re-establish a working relationship.