Joey Ramone Rocks out on 'CBGB' Poster (Exclusive)

CBGB Poster Cyan - P 2013
<p>CBGB Poster Cyan - P 2013</p>
Joel David Moore plays the punk pioneer in the film about the iconic club.

Joey Ramone is getting the big screen treatment, and he has the poster to prove it.

The new poster for CBGB, which is exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, teases the portrayal of the Ramones frontman by Joel David Moore. Moore takes up the late musician’s mantle in the film, which tells the story of New York’s punk scene through the lens of CBGB.

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The club, which closed in 2008, was owned by Hilly Kristal (played by Alan Rickman in the film), who launched it in the  1970s. After shifting its focus from country, bluegrass and blues, the club eventually became an early home to pioneering acts such as Blondie, Talking Heads, and the Ramones.

Randall Miller directed the film and co-wrote the script with Jody Savin. The film’s cast includes Malin Akerman, whose poster THR debuted Thursday, as well as Ashley Greene, Johnny Galecki, Joel David Moore, Stana Katic, Rupert Grint and Taylor Hawkins. CBGB’s producers say it contains 50 songs and 16 on-camera performance.

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Miller and Savin’s Unclaimed Freight Productions is producing, along with former senior vp of Warner/Chappell Music Brad Rosenberger and Kristal’s daughter, Lisa Kristal Burgman.

THR will be debuting exclusive CBGB  posters every day through Monday.