Fan-Made Trailer for 'John Carter' Could Be Better Than Official One (Video)

Lynn Collins Taylor Kitsch John Carter - H 2011
<p>Lynn Collins Taylor Kitsch John Carter - H 2011</p>   |   Walt Disney Pictures
The unofficial teaser was done in the spirit of "we want to help."

In just over an hour Disney's John Carter will have its premiere in downtown Los Angeles. You can bet your heinie Heat Vision will be there.

Now, a lot has been written about the marketing of this movie. But the folks at thejohncarterfiles.com have been kind enough to lend Disney a helping hand and have made their own trailer.

The organizers of the site, longitime fans of the book, say the trailer is "offered in the spirit of 'we want to help.' It's made from elements available online as of Feb. 5, 2012. We're doing our best to help this film along."

As many here in Heat Vision HQ and other sites have pointed out, this is the kind of trailer that should have been out there in the first place, something that gives you a sense of story and scope. In fact, one person in the office here just had his mind switched and now wants to see the movie.