'John Carter' Producers Reveal Sequel Plans and Why They Cast Taylor Kitsch (Video)

Jim Morris and Lindsey Collins spoke to THR during the premiere for Disney’s sci-fi adventure film.

John Carter, Disney’s adventure epic that opens in theaters March 9, is based on the Barsoom series by Edgar Rice Burroughs, which was written about 100 years ago.

At the premiere for the film, The Hollywood Reporter spoke to producers Jim Morris and Lindsey Collins about making the movie, which stars Taylor Kitsch at the titular character.

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“I think that it’s not until the last several years that the technology was really there to be able to tell the story in a believable fashion,” Morris told THR when asked why it took so long for a film to be made based on Burroughs’ books.

“The books are very episodic and they’re kind of lacking an overall character arc and [director] Andrew [Stanton] came up with a very innovative way to solve that problem,” said Morris, who added that the Burroughs estate approved the idea.

Both Morris and Collins spoke about casting Taylor Kitsch (best known for playing Tim Riggins on NBC’s Friday Night Lights) as John Carter, the Civil War vet who is transported to Mars and thrown into a battle between warring nations.

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“What we saw in the Riggins character and we saw in Taylor’s screen test was a certain damaged quality behind the eyes,” said Morris. “There’s something a little broken.”

While the big-budget film doesn’t hit theaters until March 9, Morris told THR that they had written treatments for two more films while planning the first.  

“What we really wanted to do was have the story arc figured out so that if we did have that good fortune we wouldn’t have boxed ourselves into a corner,” he said, adding that Stanton and Michael Chabon are currently working on the script for the second film.