'John Carter' Premieres a Final Action-Filled Trailer (Video)

Walt Disney Studios premieres a third clip from Andrew Stanton's highly-anticipated adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' iconic scifi stories.

Walt Disney Studios released the final trailer Wednesday for their upcoming scifi epic John Carter. With the film’s March 9 release date growing close, the studio has now debuted three trailers and a collection of clips highlighting the story, characters and action of the Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptation, which was co-written and directed by Andrew Stanton (Wall-E).

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Despite the studio’s decision to remove “of Mars” from the title, the clip focuses heavily on extraterrestrial action as Carter (played by Taylor Kitsch) nimbly leaps over gargantuan, alien monsters, drawing the attention of Matai Shang (Mark Strong). Meanwhile, the comely princess Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins) pleads with the earthling to fight with her and her people, and he agrees, squaring off against countless adversaries and (presumably) prevailing thanks to the advantages Mars’ climate gives his mortal form.

Walt Disney has invested heavily in the film’s success, and seems confident it will attract a large following, despite online reports indicating that its production costs rose significantly during filming, and that it will need to rake in record profits to break even, much less beget a sequel. But with clips like this one unspooling for automatic and skeptical viewers alike, the studio had created an effectively intriguing campaign that should convince audiences to check it out.