John Ridley Reteams with DC for New 'American Way' Comic Series

American Way 2 Cover - DC Entertainment - Publicity - P 2016
Georges Jeanty/DC Entertainment
'The American Way: Those Above and Those Below' follows the 2006 release of Ridley's first 'American Way' series.

A decade after the release of the original, Oscar-winning screenwriter John Ridley (12 Years A Slave) is returning to DC Entertainment for a follow-up to his alt-universe superhero series The American Way.

The new series, The American Way: Those Above and Those Below will reunite Ridley with the artist of the original series, Georges Jeanty (Buffy The Vampire Slayer: season eight) for a six-issue storyline taking place during the era of Richard Nixon and the Weather Underground.

Following the events of the original series, superheroes have fallen from public favor and mostly retreated from public life, with Jason Fisher — once known as the New American — one of the few to still operate in the open. However, his new mission puts him at odds with the authorities as he sets himself up as a defender of Baltimore's inner-city youth.

"On the 10-year anniversary of the series, it feels both fantastic and appropriate to be able to return to The American Way," Ridley said in a statement. "Though I have been very blessed over the last decade in both film and television, there is a very special sense of accomplishment that comes with seeing your work on display at the local comics shop. I’m so thankful to everyone at DC for giving both me and our many fans the opportunity to revisit the stories, themes and perspectives that were such an integral part of The American Way."

Coinciding with the summer 2017 launch of Those Above and Those Below, DC's Vertigo imprint will release a new collected edition of the original series.