'John Wick' Honest Trailer Points Out It's Actually 'A Dog's Purpose'

Watch the movie that's 80 percent headshots.
David Lee

Yeah, I'm thinking Honest Trailers is back ... with a look at John Wick.

And yep, there are plenty of points about the Keanu Reeves revenge movie you may not have considered. Like:

— Since there's a cleanup crew, bar and hotel for assassins, is there also an assassin Yelp, daycare, etc.? 

— The finale is just John Wick wrestling an old, out-of-shape dad. Sort of anticlimactic.

— This is Reeves' eighth character named John. 

— The movie is 80 percent headshots. 

— Wait, is this actually A Dog's Purpose? After all, it all starts because of the death of a canine.

— And the million-dollar question: Can Reeves finally make an awesome action movie "with a sequel that doesn't suck?" (Sorry, Matrix: Reloaded). Judging by the reviews for John Wick: Chatper 2, the answer is yes.

There's more from John Wick: Chapter 2 coming to Heat Vision this week ahead of its release Friday, so stay tuned.