Jon Favreau to Direct THR Comic-Con Issue as Guest Editor

The “Cowboys & Aliens” helmer lassoes a herd of surprise writers and artists for the special issue hitting San Diego on July 20.
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Yes, Favs is running the show. And we couldn’t be more psyched.

As if he isn’t busy enough, Elf, Iron Man and Cowboys & Aliens director Jon Favreau has enthusiastically come aboard as guest editor of a special issue of THR devoted to Comic-Con and its hundreds of thousands of attendees. THR’s geek-strong editorial staff has been brainstorming and plotting a one-of-a-kind standalone publication with Favreau (even as he’s finishing the sound mix on C&A ahead of its world premiere at the Con) the likes of which the annual convention and its multitude of fans have never seen.

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We can’t tell you much now – well, we could, but it would ruin the (many, many) surprises, so we won’t – but the names involved couldn’t be bigger, nor the geek cred thicker. Readers who get their hands on copies in San Diego will have a little something new for the collection. Expect to be delighted, disgusted, debated, maybe even deranged by the killer artists and contributors Favreau and the THR team have corralled for this thing.

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Original artwork, exclusive interviews, insights and advice, never-before-seen posters and comics, hot actresses (in words and images), provocative analysis … It’s like an entire San Diego convention center jammed into one spectacular 50-page issue. And in two weeks you’ll get to open it up and see just what Favs has hustled to put together for you.

(Now, don’t worry if you can’t make it down there. We may just save a stack of (signed) copies for you after the dust has cleared.)

In the meantime, keep alert for updates from Favs and THR, buy a box of Sharpies, get that costume together and sit tight. The train is about to leave the station.

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