Jordan Peele Says He Will "Seriously Consider" Sequel to 'Get Out'

“I love that universe and I feel like there's more story to tell," the Oscar-nominated director said at THR's sixth annual Nominees Night.

When triple Oscar-nominated star Jordan Peele attended The Hollywood Reporter’s sixth annual Nominees Night on Monday, he reflected on a momentous year that saw the release of his best picture-nominated film, Get Out.

The director said that while he’s received a lot of feedback on the film, hearing audiences relate to the feeling of "the Sunken Place" has been the most meaningful. “When you create something like that, it’s very personal and meaningful, but to hear that people kind of related to that feeling and needed it to be named has been very touching for me,” he said.

After the success of Get Out, which racked up almost $176 million at the domestic box office, the idea of a sequel isn’t completely out of the question, Peele said. “I can tell you that I will definitely seriously consider it,” Peele said. “I love that universe and I feel like there’s more story to tell. I don’t know what it is now but there are some loose ends that want to be tied up.”

But since it took Peele eight years to create the world of Get Out, the follow-up story would have to feel right, he said.

“I would never want to do a sequel that just feels like for the sake of doing a sequel,” he explained. “I would have to have a story that I feel like would take it up a notch.”