Joseph Gordon-Levitt Discusses Potential 'Dark Knight Rises' Sequel

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
<p>Gordon-Levitt&#39;s character plays idealistic cop John Blake. Speaking with <em>THR </em>at the premiere, Gordon-Levitt expressed his personal loyalty to Batman -- &quot;Batman&#39;s the cool one; he wears black. Who wants Superman, with red underpants outside his pants?&quot; -- and lauded his director. &quot;He&#39;s telling a truly heartfelt story that he cares about, and I think that&#39;s why people love his movies.... I love this movie. I&#39;d be first in line even if I weren&#39;t in it.&quot;</p>   |   Larry Busacca/Getty Images
"I always choose scripts the same way," the actor tells THR when asked if he's considering playing a leading man in a superhero film.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is known for his work in everything from adorable comedies (500 Days of Summer) to mind-bending thrillers (Inception) and, coming soon, an action film about bike messengers (Premium Rush).

[Warning: Major spoiler if you have not seen The Dark Knight Rises.]

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But at the end of The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher’s Nolan’s final film in his Batman trilogy, it would seem as if Gordon-Levitt’s character could possibly inherit the superhero franchise.

While official plans to move forward with the franchise have not been announced, that hasn’t stopped fans from wondering if Gordon-Levitt’s John Blake could be the heir to the franchise.

When The Hollywood Reporter asked Gordon-Levitt if he would want to take on the lead role in such a giant franchise, the actor said he had “no idea” what the status of the franchise was, but said he’ll continue to decide what projects he’ll take on the same way he always has.

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“I always choose scripts the same way,” he told THR. “If it’s a great script and a great filmmaker, then I’m interested.”

It’s true that Gordon-Levitt has often worked with great directors, teaming with Nolan on both Inception and The Dark Knight Rises. Unfortunately for Gordon-Levitt, Nolan has already said that the third film would be his last at the helm of the Batman series.

Additionally, Gordon-Levitt appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, but was pretty quiet about the possibility of a John Blake movie.

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“I don’t think [the ending of The Dark Knight Rises] is necessarily a set-up. I think it is the great ending for that trilogy,” he said. “Even if you go back to Batman Begins, he’s talking about how Batman is more than a man, it’s a symbol, and a hero can be anybody and we all have heroes inside of us."

Gordon-Levitt can next be seen in Premium Rush, an action film about a bike messenger (Gordon-Levitt) in New York City who gets ahold of a package that attacts the interest of a dirty cop.

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