Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Gotham Cop Revealed On 'The Dark Night Rises' NYC Set (Photo)

The actor plays police officer John Blake in the Warner Bros. release directed by Christopher Nolan.
Mr Blue/

Christopher Nolan continues his globe trotting production this week, hitting the New York City streets to film more scenes for the upcoming Dark Knight Rises.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt joined Christian Bale on the set Friday, Oct. 28. Levitt plays young special assignment cop John Blake in the film, and was spotted donning his police uniform in several new photographs.

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Rumors had circulated that filming could include the Occupy Wall Street protests, though Friday's shoot reportedly took place outside the Trump Tour, which was temporarily transformed into Wayne Enterprises. Bale was spotted outside wearing a suit and tie as his average joe alter-ego, Bruce Wayne, while extras lined the streets dressed as reporters and photogs.

According to, the cast will move production to Newark, New Jersey next week, filming one day inside City Hall.
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