Josh Brolin Calls Ryan Reynolds the "Daniel Day-Lewis of Comedians"

The 'Deadpool 2' castmates also discussed Reynolds' "big red body condom” costume.

While visiting The Graham Norton Show on Friday (May 11), Deadpool 2 co-stars Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin discussed the physical demands Reynolds faced to wear the "big red body condom" suit famously worn by his character.

"It's like a team of people to get that thing on," explained Reynolds. "I'm also so terrified I'll throw up in the mask or something." After Brolin mentioned that he has sneezed while wearing the mask, Reynolds joked, "There's no space in that thing at all. When I put it on I can actually taste my genitals."

Brolin added that the costume does Reynolds justice. "There's something about him that oozes that he's worked out even though he has a suit on and all that. When I went and did Avengers, I saw those guys put on suits and I saw underneath. I was like, 'You’re not working out at all,'" he said. "I won't say who it is. And then they put on their suits and they looked fantastic."

"His suit doesn't really have any bumps and stuff that's not there, so I know that he's back in his thing," Brolin said about Reynolds. "Cause he's kind of like the Daniel Day-Lewis of comedians." After Reynolds added that he's "very method," Brolin continued, "Whereas me, as a 50-year-old man who gets sore, I put myself through torture for you, man."

"And boy did it pay off," said Reynolds. "I got shredded."

Before the interview ended, Norton shared a video of Brolin clearly in pain while presumably exercising. As the camera zooms away from his face, it is revealed that he is not working out but instead using the bathroom. After the host asked if Reynolds was involved in the filming of the video, Brolin responded, "He had. No, for sure you did, because it was very indirect. You were in that bathroom." Reynolds added, "I filmed it."