Josh Brolin Talks 'Dune' Shoot, Calls Denis Villeneuve "Amazing"

Josh Brolin - Getty - H - 2019
Brolin talked about riding a camel in Jordan for the movie 'Dune' and mentioned that he grew up with wild animals.

Following the world premiere of Avengers: Endgame, which has obliterated box office records across the globe and is currently on target to challenge Avatar's status as the top-grossing movie of all time, Josh Brolin, voice of the villainous Thanos, took a seat at Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday to chat with the late-night host about the movie, and his next project, Dune

As the audience applauded his entrance, Brolin laughed and pointed out that he wasn't always received so well. He recalled going into auditions early on in his career and there being one guy clapping. He then laughed and shared that his feet don't touch the floor in the interview chair. "You go in as Thanos and then your feet don't touch,..." he said.

Speaking about the film, Kimmel said, "It is kind of funny, in the last movie, that the move you kill half of all life with is a snap. It’s got to be the most famous snap in history." Brolin went on to recall a time he used the "snap" in a press appearance once, before audiences were familiar with the action, and no one knew what he was doing.

Brolin is currently shooting Dune, which Kimmel said he read and enjoyed in high school. "Denis Villeneuve is an amazing director," said Brolin. Noting that Jason Momoa is also in the movie, Brolin said that his name is one you can summon when things aren't going well. "You just say, 'Jason Momoa,' and everything will be OK," he said. "Even my wife called me and said, 'Jason Momoa is a god,'" he laughed.

The two talked about how the film was shot in Jordan, and Brolin told Kimmel that he rode a camel. "I did the camel thing and I didn't really want to do that," he said, then sharing that he actually grew up around wild animals such as chimpanzees and wolves.

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe closes its door on this chapter, audiences can look forward to Spider-Man: Far From Home in July. There are also a number of Marvel films currently in development, from Doctor Strange and Black Panther sequels to a Black Widow solo movie and a third installment of Guardians of the Galaxy.