Joshua Hale Fialkov Fights Like Hell in 'The Devilers'

New series from the "Bunker" co-creator about a group of exorcists fighting off a demon invasion will anchor a new line of creator-owned properties from Dynamite Entertainment.
Jock/Dynamite Entertainment

Currently making a name for himself with Oni Press’ The Bunker and Marvel Entertainment’s Ultimate FF, writer Joshua Hale Fialkov is returning to the supernatural with his new project, Dynamite Entertainment's The Devilers, announced during WonderCon in Anaheim, CA Friday.

Described by publisher Nick Barrucci as “the Magnificent Seven of different religious figures banding together to fight off an an evil that will take all of their powers,” the new series brings together the world’s greatest exorcists to fight off an invasion of Earth by the forces of Satan. In a statement accompanying the announcement, Fialkov said that “fans of the work I did on [DC Entertainment’s] I, Vampire will find a continuation of a lot of the themes and ideas I started over there [in the new series], but in a completely new package.”

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Illustrating Fialkov’s stories will be artist Matt Triano, with Marvel, DC and 2000AD veteran Jock providing covers for the series (Marc Silvestri, best known for his work on Marvel’s X-Men and Wolverine as well as his own Cyber Force series, will provide an alternate cover for the first issue).

The Devilers is the first in a series of all-new creator-owned properties to be published by Dynamite across the next year, with series by Peter Milligan, James Robinson and The LosersAndy Diggle to follow.