Joss Whedon Narrates 'Avengers' Fight Scene Between Iron Man and Thor (Video)

Joss Whedon
<p><strong>Joss Whedon</strong> borrows Captain America&#39;s shield while on set.</p>
In a new promotional spot, the writer-director talks about the inspiration behind the intramural rumble and gives details about its production.

Joss Whedon has long insisted that in as much as the Avengers are a fearless group of superheroes, they're also a dysfunctional family thrown together by circumstance, distrustful of one another and often arrogant in their own powers.

With just a few days until audiences in the United States can experience that super-melodrama first hand, Whedon and Marvel are offering a sneak preview of the rivalry-on-steroids.

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In a new promotional clip sure to excite hardcore fans, the writer-director introduces and explains a pivotal fight between Iron Man and Thor, and while he doesn't spoil the context of just how they got to that point, Whedon explains that their anger is very, very real.

"People want to see what would happen if, who's the stronger, who's gonna get it done," he says in the clip. "For me the most important thing was the fight was earned, that both of them had an agenda that conflicted with the others, that it wasn't a spell or case of mistaken identity, or something where you're just waiting for them to figure it out. They both really think they need to win, and neither of them is totally wrong, and that's what makes it more than a fight; it makes it a conflict."

The Avengers has already proven a massive success, even before it hits domestic theaters; it has earned a jaw-dropping $185 million internationally in less than a week, and has a 95 percent fresh rating on RottenTomatoes.com.

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