Joss Whedon Directed a Scene in 'Thor'

Issue 56 - 7 Days of Deals: Josh Whedon
Michael Buckner/Getty Images for EW

The Marvel tentpole Thor, toplined by Chris Hemsworth, wasn’t just directed by Kenneth Branagh.

Thor actor Stellan Skarsgard revealed at Cannes, while promoting Melancholia, that Joss Whedon, who is currently helming The Avengers, actually filmed part of Thor.

Whedon, Skarsgard tells Empire, directed the post-credits scene, in which his Erik Selvig, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki and Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury all appear.

“That was just a couple of months ago,” Skarsgard said of filming the extra scene. “I flew over there and went down into a basement, talked to Sam a couple of minutes and then went back home.”

“Was that with Ken Branagh?,” the interviewer asks.

“No that was with a director called Joss Whedon, who’s doing The Avengers,” Skarsgard answers.

The Avengers is slated for a May 4, 2012 release. Thor is currently in theaters.

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