9 Theories as to Why 'Jumanji' Has Actress Karen Gillan So Scantily-Clad

The Rock - Instagram - JUMANJI- H - 2016
Maybe part of the plot involves setting the gender equality fight back 20 years?

The first image of the upcoming Jumanji cast was released Tuesday, and one notable castmember looked like she got lost on the way to a Lara Croft Halloween party and ended up in the jungle instead.

Karen Gillan plays Ruby Roundhouse alongside Dwayne Johnson as Smolder Bravestone, Kevin Hart as Moose Finbar and Jack Black as Shelly Oberon. Johnson promises there's a plot-driven reason for Ruby's seemingly sexist and totally nonsensical costume ub the reboot.

"Her jungle wardrobe will make sense when you know the plot," Johnson said. "Trust me."

(Some fans are guessing that Gillan's character is a trope. The original Jumanji from 1995 featured purposefully stereotypical characters who were part of the game — so perhaps that's the plot device Johnson is referencing.)

While we are trusting The Rock on Ruby's deeply impractical wardrobe, let's have some guesses as to possible storylines behind it that have nothing to do with the male gaze or objectification of women.

1. Ruby lost all of her clothing and had to rob a Baby Gap.
2. The map of the game is on her skin and poison ivy rashes reveal it.
3. She was wearing cargo pants that converted to shorts.
4. She teleported into the jungle from a Michael Bay movie.
5. Ruby used her high-powered dryer incorrectly (because machines are so confusing for us ladies) and accidentally shrunk all of her clothes.
6. She's an Austin Powers-style fembot with automatic guns for breasts and the leather vest gives them support for proper aim.
7. Her clothing got shredded by a tiger as she was running but she didn't get a scratch on her abs or legs.
8. She's besties with Jurassic World's Claire.
9. Mosquito-borne diseases give her superpowers.

After we posted our guesses, The Rock himself weighed in with his favorite theory: 

And Gillan also shared her thoughts on the reaction to her costume:

Jumanji is set for release on July 28, 2017.

Sept. 22, 11:07 a.m.: Updated to include tweets from Johnson and Gillan.