Mark Millar Auctioning Off 'Jupiter's Children' Character name

Auction proceeds head to the artist's old school in Scotland, so students can see a Christmas show in a theater.
'Jupiter's Children' Character Sketch

Comics author Mark Millar, who creates comics that Hollywood loves to adapt (such as Wanted and Kick-Ass), is giving fans the opportunity to get their name in his much-anticipated new mini-series -- by naming one of its characters after the winner of an auction.

Just like he did with Kick-Ass and several other of his creator-owned books, Millar is auctioning off the name of a major character in Jupiter’s Children, the comic he is working on with superstar artist Frank Quitely.

Described as an epic in the scope of Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, Children takes a multigenerational approach to tell a story of the offspring of superheroes who haven’t lived up to the standards of their parents, who first got their powers in the '20s after the discovery of a mysterious island. The book launched in April 2013 from Image Comics.

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There are seven main characters and any of them could be up for grabs. Millar says whoever wins will be one of the seven, although he will select “as appropriate." The auction ends Friday at 8 PM PST.

Although Millar likes to sprinkle (or maybe hose) some of his work with violence and cussing, he does have a soft spot. Money from the auction heads to his grade school in Scotland, so its children can see a Christmas theater show. Millar held the first such auction last year, allowing bidding for the name of a character in his Secret Service mini-series with an eye toward an annual tradition.

"It's something I'd like to do every year and expand into other schemes in the community with a few other ideas I have,” Millar says. “Some of the kids had never been to the city before and when I went back to my old school to hand out prizes last summer they all told me how much they enjoyed it.”

So do it for the children, people!