'Jurassic World': Ominous Dino Cloning Tech Advances Teased In New Clip

"The days of filling in the gaps of a dinosaur's genome with frog DNA are over."
Everett Collection

The dinosaurs of the original Jurassic Park weren't the real deal — but technology has made it far easier to get back to what nature intended … and beyond. That's what the latest Jurassic World viral teaser wants you to know, explaining what InGen Technologies has been getting up to in the dino cloning business.

The video, which takes the form of a corporate video advertising the company responsible for creating the dinosaurs on display in the ultimate theme park, takes great pains to promote the advances made in cloning technology since the opening of the original Jurassic Park two decades earlier. "The days of filling in the gaps of a dinosaur's genome with frog DNA are over," one character smugly explains.

That doesn't just mean more accurate recreations — "we're approaching 100 percent genome accuracy in dozens of species," the audience is told — of existing dinos, however; the video also features faux scientists getting excited about creating their own dinosaurs. "It has innumerable applications across multiple platforms," one explains. "Life is just a code. We're taking the code and using it for practical implications."

Of course, considering the trailers for the movie have revealed that the real trouble in Jurassic World comes from an artificially-designed dinosaur, the implications of their work might not be quite what their scientist hearts were set on.

Jurassic World will be released June 12. Watch the new viral video below.