'Jurassic World' Website Shows Video Feeds From Inside the Fictional Park

Chris Pratt Jurassic World - H 2014
Courtesy of Universal Pictures
Now streaming: Park workers clone dinosaurs while you watch.

Jurassic World the movie won’t be in theaters until this summer, but that doesn’t mean that fans can’t tune in to watch Jurassic World — the fictional theme park — right now, thanks to a new part of the movie’s promotional website.

The new “Park Cams” section of the site — created to look and act as if Jurassic World is a real-life location — allows visitors to view “daily life in the park,” via 14 video feeds showing activity in different areas of the park at the center of Colin Trevorrow’s franchise revival, from the lobby of the Isla Nublar Hilton to the hatchery, filled with dino eggs.

The feeds are purposefully mundane, showing workers on break, or hard at work preparing things at a particular enclosure. One feed, the teasingly-named “T. Rex Paddock,” features little more than the edge of a shed, surrounded by foliage blowing in the wind. The anticipation that something might be about to happen, however, makes it surprisingly addictive.

The addition of the video feeds follows last week’s reveal of the movie’s Indominus Rex dinosaur on the site, ahead of its appearance in this weekend’s Super Bowl spot for the movie. Jurassic World, starring Chris Pratt, will be released June 12.

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