Just How Much Does the X-Men's Mansion Actually Cost, Anyway?

Clearly, one of the earliest X-Men must have had mutant real estate powers for the Marvel Comics team to have afforded their classic headquarters.
Chris Bachalo/Marvel Entertainment

Professor Charles Xavier has done some impressive feats in his time: He created the X-Men -- well, the first few incarnations of the team, at least -- as well as traveled into space to romance an alien princess, and have saved the world from threats including the Phoenix, the Sentinels and the Shadow King on countless occasions. But his most impressive feat of all may be the fact that he was able to buy the mansion that the X-Men irregularly call home in the first place.

Movoto Real Estate decided to try and work out just how much the mansion -- famously located at 1407 Graymalkin Lane in North Salem, NY in the comic books, which just so happens to be a real address -- would actually cost in the real world, and came up with the expensive-sounding total of $58,180,386… which, it's pointed out, doesn't include all of the technology inside the mansion, such as mutant-hunting computer Cerebro or the Danger Room training facility.

(They also created a fake real estate listing for the property, which notes that the mansion is "perfect for large families," with all areas being wheelchair accessible.)

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We know that Professor X came from a wealthy family -- because, in the Marvel Universe, "nuclear scientist" is the kind of career that brings in the dollars -- but still: Did Xavier really just have $58 million lying around to spend on a mansion? Perhaps the tuition fees for the school are particularly high (After all, it's not every school that comes with its own life-threatening disasters on a regular basis) -- or maybe, just maybe, Professor Xavier has been using his psychic powers to just convince the bank that the mortgage has been paid every month instead of actually coughing up.

Whatever the reason, I find myself wishing that I was Professor X right now. Except, you know, not the version in the Marvel Universe for obvious spoiler-y reasons.

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