'Justice League' Conclusion Teases Mystery DC Comic Book Project

Wonder Woman Encore - Publicity - H 2020
Greg Capullo/DC
The final issue of Scott Snyder's run as writer sets up a mysterious upcoming project due later this year.

[This story contains spoilers for Justice League No. 39.]

Fans of DC’s greatest superheroes might find themselves surprised by the climax of Justice League No. 39, the final issue in the series by writer Scott Snyder — not least of which because it’s not necessarily as final as might have been expected.  

The final installment brings to a close the storyline that’s run through all of Snyder’s time on the title to date, as the assembled Justice League, Justice Society and assorted heroes make a final plea to humanity to resist the offer made by cosmic entity Perpetua to embrace selfishness and self-interest — only for them to lose, giving Perpetua the ability to remake the entire universe as she sees fit… which isn’t a good thing, unsurprisingly.

The heroes are saved from potential death by a collection of other cosmic DC entities, including the Spectre, the Wizard Shazam and the Phantom Stranger, who explain that even if humanity had rejected its selfish nature at this point, the threat would always re-emerge unless more drastic action was taken — action that was hidden behind a dramatic set of double doors.

“Behind this door lies a path that connects all actions, past, present, and future… This fight is bigger than justice or doom. It is everything,” explains the Spectre. “But beware,” adds the Phantom Stranger, “In opening this door you will bring everything to bear. And give reckoning to every story, every event throughout history. The ones you know… and the ones you do not.”

The heroes run through the doors, of course, setting up a cliffhanger that, perhaps surprisingly, won’t be resolved in the next issue, which features the start of an all-new story by the new creative team of Robert Venditti and Doug Mahnke. So, where does the story continue…? DC is keeping that answer a secret for now, but the final page of the issue offers a couple of hints.

In addition to teasing the next Justice League issue, the page — which features an image of Wonder Woman later posted on Twitter, as can be seen below — promotes the miniseries Hell Arisen, which features Lex Luthor and his assembled “Legion of Doom” in conflict with the Batman Who Laughs and the characters he’s corrupted, as well as an untitled future project by Snyder and Greg Capullo, co-creators of Dark Nights: Metal, with the tagline — in the same font as the logo for Metal — “Get ready for the encore!”

Snyder and Capullo's best-selling Metal series, which ran for six issues from 2017-2018, set in motion a number of plot elements that are currently at play in the larger DC comic book mythology; a sequel has been rumored for some time as the project that would install the new DC Timeline in place. On Twitter, Snyder shared the image and added, “It’s all been building to this…”

Justice League No. 39 is available digitally and in comic book stores now.