'Justice League: Gods and Monsters' Trailer Debuts (Video)

Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles - H 2015
Bruce W. Timm is behind the Machinima series and animated feature.

Bruce W. Timm is reimagining what can be done with a superhero cartoon.

Timm, one of the minds behind the '90s classic Batman: The Animated Series, is unleashing Justice League: Gods and Monsters, which puts a somewhat sinister spin on classic characters. Batman (Michael C. Hall) is no longer Bruce Wayne. Instead, he's Kirk Langstrom (aka Man-Bat in the comics). Superman is now the son of the villainous General Zod, and Wonder Woman (Tamara Taylor) is from the warring nation of Ares.

Three episodes — one focusing on each character — will begin rolling out on Machinima June 8, followed by a feature film, available for purchase on July 28. Machinima already has announced a second season.

It's unclear whether these heroes are Earth's protectors or its would-be rulers. Check out the trailer below for clues.