'Justice League' Offers a Closer Look at Its Villain

New information about the superhero team-up continues to emerge ahead of its Nov. 17 release.
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment
'Justice League'

With Warner Bros.' Justice League less than a month from release, more details about the DC superhero team movie are slowly emerging, and the movie's villain, Steppenwolf, finally shows up onscreen for more than two seconds. It turns out — spoilers! — he's not the nicest guy.

The villain makes his proper debut at the opening of the movie's new Chinese trailer, where it turns out that he's really not into the idea of showing mercy to anyone because they have a family. That might be an entirely appropriate response, perhaps, given that his comic book incarnation is traditionally the uncle of arch-villain Darkseid.

The trailer also reveals more snarky dialogue between Aquaman and Batman, and suggests that there may be more Alfred Pennyworth (Jeremy Irons) in the movie than was expected.

Meanwhile, Entertainment Weekly has the track listing for the movie's soundtrack, with some particularly descriptive track titles, including "The Amazon Mother Box" and "The World Needs Superman." Perhaps most interesting is the title "Anti-Hero's Theme," given that DC's comic book mythology happens to have a character actually called Anti-Hero.

The Justice League soundtrack will be released digitally Nov. 10, with the movie following a week later. A two-CD edition of the album will be available Dec. 8.