A 'Justice League vs. Suicide Squad' Comic Book Series Is Finally Happening

The two superteams will clash in a new series beginning this December.
Courtesy of Jim Lee/DC Entertainment

It was the comic book storyline fans wanted that DC Entertainment hadn't done yet — and now it's been announced for December: The Justice League is going to take on Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad and shut the program down.

The storyline will unfold over six issues of the aptly titled Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, launching in December, as well as two issues of both the regular Justice League and Suicide Squad comic books in January 2017.

Written by The Flash's Josh Williamson with art by former Justice League artist Jason Fabok, the story — the first in a series of quarterly events intended to maintain the buzz generated by DC's Rebirth comic book relaunch — will see Batman decide to look into what is actually going on with the euphemistically named "Task Force X" program funding the Suicide Squad, only to be disturbed by what he finds. "He decides to put a stop to it," Williamson told the Wall Street Journal.

The storyline focuses on the possible redemption of the Squad, according to the writer, as the team of villains will team up with the Justice League to take on a common foe. "Do you believe in second chances?" the writer asked. "I think that's a big part of what Rebirth has been about."

Intriguingly, DC has also revealed that the storyline will lead into the launch of a second Justice League title, Justice League of America, in February. Could some members of the Squad end up going straight and working with the good guys on an ongoing basis?

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad begins this December.