'Rick and Morty' Co-Creator's Video Game 'Trover Saves the Universe' to Launch in May

Justin Roiland's bizarre comedy action game 'Trover Saves the Universe' is set to launch on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR on May 31, with a PC version of the title set to debut June 4.
Courtesy of Squanch Games

Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland is set to move into the world of video games.

Trover Saves the Universe, the second title from Roiland's video game publishing company Squanch Games (the company was previously called Squanchtendo and released its first game, Accounting+, in 2016), is set to launch on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR on May 31. The bizarre comedy action game will also be available on PC on the Epic Game Store and Steam later this year on June 4. Preorders for the title are available now.

Showcased at last year's E3 convention in a brief demo, Squanch brought a longer playable version of Trover to this year's GDC conference in San Francisco. Originally conceived as a wholly VR title, Squanch Games co-founder and game director Tanya Watson says the company decided to make the game playable without a headset during the development process because "it just felt really good" playing on a standard controller.

Fans of Rick and Morty will recognize Roiland's strange yet charming (and often very raunchy) brand of humor and art style immediately while playing Trover. The game puts players in control of a "chairorpian," a humanoid race of beings confined to armchairs, who have had their beloved dogs stolen by the evil Glorkon and must team with the titular purple "eye-hole monster" Trover to bring peace to the cosmos.

If that all sounds strange, well, it is. But the game's plot is winked at constantly throughout by the characters living in it, a balancing act of meta-comedy that Roiland, Watson and the rest of the team pull off beautifully. Trover is well aware that it is a game and, from the conceit, a lot of the fun in both gameplay and storytelling emerge. Players will encounter puzzles or ethical dilemmas that are mocked, questioned or simply gone around by the characters in the game.

The gameplay, in both the VR and standard versions of the title, consists of directing Trover where to go via the joysticks of the controller and then "warping" to him with the push of a shoulder button. Enemies in the world can be dispatched with Trover's sword, but the player's chairorpian character can also upgrade their throne and offer help from a distance later on. 

The game's dialogue is deep and interactive. Characters will continue talking and interacting with the environment if the player lets them, adding many hours and replayability potential to Trover's original runtime.